Girls Volleyball

Mary Kate Pinkelman, Sports Writer

Glenbard South girls volleyball is back in full swing this fall and they are already off to a fantastic start. Led by senior captains Coco Stachnik and Brittany Miller, the varsity team is currently 1-1 in the conference.

Their first conference game against Bartlett was a hard fought match that ended up going into set 3, and ended with a beautiful ace serve from senior Helen Maurer to win them the game. Junior Mia Lake and senior Izzy Wilder were on fire with their serves throughout the game as well. Junior Paige Stephenson blocked ceaselessly at the net.

The whole team is looking very strong this year, and it will be exciting to see how the rest of the season plays out for them.

However, winning isn’t the only thing that matters to our volleyball team. Sophomore Sofia Alcala says, “Some of my favorite parts of volleyball are the team bonding traditions. I love it when we blast music on the way to games or in the hallway when we stretch. It gets everyone hyped and the energy levels go way up.” Another activity the team does together is going out to eat after tournaments and wins. Junior Paige Stevenson says “One time we finished a Saturday tournament. Our coach let us stop to eat and we all walked to Walmart to get Subway. It was a really enjoyable team bonding session and we all had lots of fun!”

If you’re looking for the next opportunity to come out and support the team, stop by the main gym September 16th at 5:30, and cheer them on for their game against Trinity. Go Raiders!