The student news site of Glenbard South High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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The student news site of Glenbard South High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

The Independent

The student news site of Glenbard South High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

The Independent

Coach Nussbaum coaches two sports at Glenbard South. Source: Mr. Nussbaum

A Bittersweet Farewell

Enaya Siddiqui, Feature Writer September 26, 2022

After 29 years, Glenbard south has to bear the difficult task of letting go Mr Nussbaum.  Mr. Nussbaum bids a long awaited farewell as he retires from Glenbard South after a long-lasting career as a...

Ms. Austin takes on a new role at Glenbard South this year, the student support specialist. Source: Ms. Austin

Ms. Austin Begins Her South Career With Purpose and Readiness

Matilda McLaren, Sports Editor September 26, 2022

Staff member Ms. Austin has a new role this year at Glenbard South, one that has been newly implemented at three of the Glenbard high schools. This position, officially named student support specialist,...

Grimes warming up before a performance with the ILMEA All-State Honors Orchestra. Source: Sofia Grimes

Practice Makes Perfect for Violinist Sofia Grimes

Haley Wong, Feature Editor September 26, 2022

Music is everywhere. Music lives and breathes in tandem with every joy and pain of human life, a constant societal undercurrent. It means something different to everyone. For Sofia Grimes, a senior at...

Wotjun teaches world history honors, AP European history, contemporary world history and AP U.S. history at Glenbard South. Source: Mr. Wotjun

An Inspiration to Many

Shawn Sadorf, Feature Writer September 11, 2022

Brian Wojtun is a history teacher at Glenbard South and he has inspired many people in many ways. He has helped many people figure out what to do, and how to overcome challenges. In his teaching career,...

The view outside the College of DuPage’s Homeland Security Center exhibits American flags to pay tribute to all victims of 9-11. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The College of Dupage Commemorates 9-11 in Connection to the Homeland Security Center

Matilda McLaren, Sports Editor September 10, 2022

Every year, citizens from across the world remember the tragedy that occurred during the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Virginia. The lives lost and the acts...

Anne and Liza Boguslavsky perform in Nationals.

Boguslavsky Twins Set Course For Global Skating Competition and Beyond

Haley Wong, Feature Editor September 9, 2022

When they were six, Anne and Liza Boguslavsky received a Christmas present that would change their lives forever. Their gift, two sets of rollerblades, did not seem like much at first, merely casual entertainment....

Ms. Guana abroad during one of her many adventures. Source: Ms. Guana

Ms. Gauna Breathes New Life into Social Studies

Emma Pekkarinen, School News Editor September 9, 2022

Ms. Rebecca Gauna shares many traits with the ideal profile of a Glenbard graduate: a global citizen who embraces diversity, a self empowered adult and someone who thinks critically about her role as a...

Bittlingmaier finds time to relax with friends despite her busy schedule. Source: Grace Bittlingmaier

The Girl Who Lives in the School

Briana Coppolino, Feature Writer September 9, 2022

Grace Bittlingmaier, class of 2025 at Glenbard South, is starting her sophomore year off strong with more than fifteen extracurriculars. This driven young lady is a role model for all ambitious students...

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