Raiders vs. Royals Recap


Cam Williams(8) and Jalen Brown(2) celebrating 3rd quarter touchdown

On Friday September 9, the Glenbard South varsity football team faced off against the Larkin Royals, and in a hard-fought battle came out with their third conference win. The Raiders started off their season with impressive success, with a win against East Aurora 44-12 and an epic blowout against Fenton highschool, ending the game 49-14. The team’s momentum ushered a triumphant performance against Larkin on their home turf; well executed plays and a combined effort led to this victory.

The Raiders proved to be the more successful team early in the game, and by the end of the second quarter Glenbard South was up 35-13, leading the game by substantial numbers. Nevertheless, several South players stood out as big contributors to the team’s win.

Junior Michael Champagne set a new school record with passing 268 yards, 5 passing touchdowns, 70 yards rushed, and 1 rushing touchdown. When asked about his favorite moment Champagne said, “My favorite moment from the Larkin game was my first touchdown pass to Cam Williams,” Champagne said. “It felt good to get a deep shot after making so many short and intermediate throws in the drive before”. In his third year of being part of the varsity team, Champagne hopes to improve his stats and level of play this season. He says he is striving to average 4 touchdowns a game and have under 4 total turnovers throughout the season. After the Larkin game results, it is clear that accomplishing these goals is very much in reach for the Raider quarterback.

South’s running back, Jalen Brown, a senior, put up admirable numbers during the game against Larkin and proved to be a recognizable leader of the team. With 18 carries and two rushing touchdowns, Brown not only established his strong physical presence on the field but also off the field as his work ethic and tremendous efforts pushed his teammates to play just as hard. Brown’s energy alone at the Larkin game displayed the strong-willed player he is, and with a long season ahead the Glenbard South Raiders can only hope this energy spreads
across the program.

Raider captains of the week leading team onto field, picture by Andrew Usritti
Owen Gibson running ball into end zone for his second touchdown.

It is worthy to note the inspiring play of Raiders tight end and senior Owen Gibson who turned heads on Friday night. He started his highschool career on the freshman team, later moved up to junior varsity as a sophomore, and has played a crucial role on the varsity team since. Gibson’s game play in the Larkin game demonstrated his solid improvement, as he joined the other top scorers in ending the game with two receiving touchdowns. Gibson also came out of the Larkin game with 59 yards receiving and 4 receptions.

Lastly, junior and starting wide receiver Cam Williams contributed greatly to not only the win against Larkin but Glenbard South’s undefeated record so far. In the Larkin game Williams was responsible for two receiving touchdowns, one of which was an impressive catch off of Champagne’s sixty yard pass. The Notre Dame prospect is the leading scorer on the team with seven touchdowns this season, and his consistently explosive, skillful play on the field makes him one of the most looked at players in the conference.

One of the team’s goals this season includes having the highest point differential in class 5A. When asked about the positive qualities already seen in the team, varsity Head Coach Crissey responded, “The team is really starting to gel on the field. The players are focused on making this a very successful season, they practice with purpose and focus”. The Raiders seem to be on the right path towards their goal as Crissey notes,“The intensity in which we prepare is unmatched. Our offense is very explosive and the defense plays very aggressive”.

The Glenbard South football staff and coaches expressed their content with the results of the games thus far in the season, but are looking towards their remaining games, future opponents, and ways to improve the team as they progress.