Homecoming football game

The suspenseful two day game


Ryan Vozza , Writer

     This year, Glenbard South’s Homecoming football game was one for the history books. In the years prior to now, it has typically been remembered as a fun and enjoyable friday night. That was not the case for this game. Due to hazardous stormy weather, the game time had been moved up from 7:00 PM to 5:00 PM, two and a half hours earlier than the usual time, pushing the sophomore teams’ game to the following Saturday morning. Yet, the weather continued to worsen, so much that even moving the game up was not enough. This game took two days to be fully finished.

     South dominated in the first half, having secured a 6-0 lead by senior Nick Plaso with a touchdown just before the first lightning delay. However, having entered the second half, it was very obvious that Larkin was not going down without a fight. Larkin scored, which tied the game at a score of 6-6 with a 2 yard rushing touchdown, with 1:32 left in the third quarter. A game that had looked to be boiling down into a great finish was then cut short by the second and most crucial lightning delay that had ended up postponing the game, which had 10:34 left in the fourth quarter, to have been resumed on Saturday, September 28th at 8am. 

     Opening up the second day of the game, Larkin’s first drive caused them to advance the ball all the way to the Raiders’ one yard line before a fumble had occurred in the endzone. This was thankfully recovered by the Raiders’ defense. From there, South drove the ball right back down into Larkin’s one yard line where Plaso scored his second touchdown of the game, making the score 12-6 after a failed 2-point conversion attempt. After South’s defense held strong against Larkin’s final drive and had secured the ball back, the offense just had to retain possession until the clock ran out. 

     This win had improved the Raider’s record to 4-1 in Upstate 8 Conference play and 4-1 overall, which brought the team another win closer to securing a spot in the 2019 IHSA 3a State Playoffs.