Would intramural sports be beneficial in a high school setting?

Why, and how, Glenbard South should install intramural sports.

Would intramural sports be beneficial in a high school setting?

Meghan Baehl, Sports writer

      Every student knows that the pressures of high school sports can be overwhelming. Try-outs are a huge time commitment, as well as practices everyday after school. Plus, Glenbard South starts cutting students after ninth grade, so athletes are faced with heartbreak if they do not make a team or if their schedule is too crammed to commit to their particular sport of choice. Intramurals are most universities and colleges answer to student’s crammed schedules and need for physical activity. Not only do they encourage an active lifestyle in a time crunch, they also allow for the formation of new friendships. Highschoolers are under copious amounts of stress and the ability to play sports without the full-time commitment can relieve some of those stressors. In addition, bonding over a common sport without crude competition allows teens to de-stress and enjoy each other’s company. 

In a study done by NIRSA, they reported that over 25% of 73,168 undergraduates polled participated in some sort of intramural sport. 

    Besides these obvious benefits that intramurals bring to the court, they also allows for new leadership opportunities. On top of that, the intramural teams could potentially scrimmage against the actual teams, just for a fun and competitive experience. All our school needs is some interested students that want to make new friends, relieve some stress, and kick some butt (for fun)! With the help of Mr. Carlson, our assistant principal for athletics, and some teachers willing to volunteer, we can get Glenbard South intramurals running! Once we get some student interest, we can get signatures and sponsors to form our very own team.