Superfan Craze


Students gather in the football stands to watch the first game of the season.

Luke Christie, Sports Writer

“It was like a Red Sea,” Ness Damania said in reference to the wild student section on Friday night.

Damania is one of the two Glenbard South super fans; Amelia Lake is the other half to the story. As the Raiders know, sports are a great deal to the Glenbard South community.

The student section demonstrates the kind of energy and spirit that belongs within Glenbard South. Without the roaring crowd, Glenbard South’s sporting events would be lifeless and unenthusiastic. Ness and Amelia’s energy ignites the spark in order to create the flame for an amazing experience.

These two are capable of uniting students at Glenbard South to have an awesome, social night. Damania and Lake consider getting as many people as possible to sporting events as their “job”. They do as much as possible to represent and support Glenbard South on game night. They are in charge of the Instagram account “@gbssuperfans” which helps them send out a theme to the student body. They also send out messages to the students in the Schoology group they have.

The themes play a vital role in uniting the student body because they are enjoyable and they make the student section pop out. And besides that, everyone loves to dress up once in a while. Some themes include: white out, jersey day, beach, U.S.A, and more.

Damania said last Friday night “the bleachers were packed, it looked like the Red Sea.”

The amount of effort these super fans put into their organization is incredible. Damania and Lake make sure that they try to attend as many sporting events as possible.

Damania said, “it has been his dream since he was a freshman to be the superfan.” Not only do they organize and ignite the spark of spirit, they have no limit to where they go.

Damania and Lake said, “if there is a game 100 miles away, we will try our best in order to make sure that as many people as possible attend that game.” However, the farther away it is, the more difficult it is to get a big crowd. Ness said, “you can mark my word, wherever a game is, it is my responsibility to make sure that our student section is packed.”

Damania and Lake are very significant to Glenbard South. They are what makes Friday night a “time of our lives.” Having a student section cheering on the athletes really does make a difference.

Luke Christie said, “while I was on the field, waiting for the snap, I even heard the let’s go Luke chant.” Christie hearing the student section cheering as he was playing shows how much energy and spirit the student section produces.

The super fans are very important to the Glenbard South community, athletes, students, and parents.

Lastly, Damania and Lake said, “just make sure to show out to everything you can. Seniors, this is our last dance, just like Michael Jordan. We need to support each other with energy and ease.”