Sporting events cancelled across the board


Matthew Tillack

     With more information each day about the Corona Virus and the impact it has had across the world, more and more events have been postponed, or flat out cancelled.

     Concerts were some of the first social gatherings to go, but more recently it has been sporting events. The US is in shock after news that March Madness will be cancelled. Additionally, the NBA, MLB and MLS all ended seasons prematurely. 

     As a nation that arguably has one of the largest sport fan bases, next to European football, the country is mourning the loss of their daily activities. We are uniting as one to stay strong and beat this enemy. Even the Bulls head coach Jim Boylen said, “This isn’t how we imagined the season would go, but it is crucial for the health of our country.” 

     Fans all over the world are coming together to support the fight against Covid-19. A small team in Europe still allowed fans to purchase a virtual ticket, in which the proceeds went towards fighting the Coronavirus.

     Moreover, this pandemic not only affected the big leagues, but also high school and college athletics. Schools nationwide have cancelled spring sports. Leaving millions of student athletes with their season cut short. There had been talk of the seasons being extended into the summer, but with the severity of the virus, that may not be an option either. “It is disappointing, I’m just trying to stay positive and still put in some work and hope for the best.” stated Glenbard South senior baseball player Cooper Wilson.

     Overall, everyone has felt the effects of this pandemic, and if people continue to stand together and follow precautions to stay safe, this will be over in no time.