The Brilliant Mind of Jordan Peele and his Upcoming Project


Source: IMDb

Rachel Torres, Scoop Writer

Jordan Peele started off his career with comedy, but as he grew, he expanded to create very deep films. 

Peele co-starred with Keegan-Michael Key, in the comedic show “Key and Peele”. Key & Peele was an American sketch comedy television series that aired on Comedy Central. Within these films, that he later works on, he expresses his values and beliefs. Peele  dedicates his work to calling out modern day society’s problems. One of the biggest issues he pants out is that of racism. Peele does this with two beautifully made movies “Get Out” and “Candyman”. 

   Within the film “Get Out” there was loads of symbolism on slavery and white hypocrisy. The film “Candyman” discussed topics like police brutality, colorism and gentrification, he calls out modern day society as a black person. He brings up the horrors some black humans may face and the depressing lack of representation. 

Peele dedicates his work to showing America and even the world of the truth and horrors of racism. Such a mastermind is able to spread these ideals to so many people throughout the world, opening the mind of those who have once had it closed. From ‘Lehigh University’ “As Peele himself has said: “The best and scariest monsters in the world are human beings and what we are capable of especially when we get together.”” Peele has also worked on even more projects such as  “Lovecraft Country”, a show telling a story about a young African-American who travels across the U.S. in the 1950s, the movie “Us” about the evil inside all of us, and “Blackkklansman” which is about an African American police officer who goes undercover to join the KKK. 

The film “Us”, “just cemented Jordan Peele as the greatest horror mastermind of the decade,’ wrote film critic Rafael Motamayor.”

   The new trailer for Peele’s next project “Nope” released on Sunday, February 13th. This new film is highly anticipated to be groundbreaking.  UFO themes were prevalent through the trailer, and many speculate the film name ‘NOPE’ is an acronym for ‘not of planet earth’.

The film stars Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer as a pair of ranchers who look set to have their lives drastically changed by the arrival of what looks like a massive UFO. The film will come out in theaters on Jul 22, 2022.