Muslim Student Association Club

Sana Muneer, Editor in Chief

If you are a Muslim student, or a student interested in learning about different religions, MSA is the perfect club for you! 

Muslim Students Association is a club centered around bringing together Glenbard South’s Muslim student community and educating them and other students on the religon of Islam.


About the Club

    MSA meets monthly in Room 308 after school until 3:15.

A typical MSA meeting consists of fun, educational group games or a visit from a guest speaker, usually a member of the local mosque, talking and answering questions about desired topics. 

    Junior Zaid Mustafa remarked, ““MSA is a great club to unite the Islamic community of our school. It’s really good for us to come together and talk about any questions we have. We always have fun with different activities and it’s always great to see everyone getting along. And of course, we can’t forget the food! It’s a really fun club!”

Sophomore Zahraa Jaleel added, “I love how we can learn more about Islam through the games and lectures, all while socializing with others.”


Why Join MSA?

When asked why students should join this club, Co-President Tasneem Arif said, “Joining this club is taking advantage of an opportunity to create long lasting friendships with fellow Muslim students, while also becoming apart of a community that encourgages Islamic values and teaching-all while having fun!”

    Sophomore Simah Osmani also mentioned, “I think my favorite part about joining MSA would be getting time to hangout with other Muslims, and just having a good time! Also, learning more about who we are as Muslims. I think people should join because the board is really great and funny and we always have food!”

    Junior Zainab Talha enjoys listening to the guest speakers the most. She said, “Having guest speakers is such an enriching experience. With MSA in particular, having people come and talk about various topics provides us with insight on maintaining our spirituality while going about our day to day lives”. Talha added how MSA is a great opportunity to not only learn from others who have gone through similar experiences, but also to connect with like minded individuals in a comfortable setting.

    Along with gaining Islamic knowledge, listening to guest speakers and connecting with other Muslim peers, MSA members are even able to participate in events where all four of the Glenbard schools’ MSAs are invited!


The MSA Board

    Seniors Tasneem Arif and Faizaan Shaikh are the Co-Presidents of the student board for this club. 

    Arif’s favorite aspect of this club is how she can use her passion for sharing her love of religion with other students in a fun and engaging environment. She also mentions how participating in different events and activities through MSA fosters a close knit community.

    Faizaan Shaikh added, “Being able to see a group of Muslims across the school in a single room is one of the most beautiful things to witness!”

    This club is sponsored by English teacher Mrs. Demos and Social Studies teacher Mrs. Cecchin. 

Demos said, “I’m an interim sponsor filling in until Mrs. Cecchin returns from maternity leave next semester. I chose to fill in because I have known MSA to be a dedicated, respectful group of students who look to build community not only within the Muslim community but also South’s community. I love that I learn something new every time I’m with the group. And, there’s always food to share!”


How to Join

The Schoology code to join MSA is KQ6GZ-3MV5C, and the public Instagram account dedicated to announcing meetings and posting information is called @gbs_msa