The Angry Birds Movie 2

Gwyn Buckley, Scoop Writer

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is an action packed movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The plot revolves around one bird and his experience overcoming his insecurities in order to save his island with his pals. It starts out by introducing Red (a returning character) and all of his friends as they protect Bird Island by looking out for attacks from the pigs, vicious enemies of the birds. The movie then progresses as the pigs realize that they are in danger and need the birds help. Red and his friends team up with the pigs to go on a mission to stop the new enemy’s plan. Along the way, Red tries to control the group so he will get all the credit from the birds at home. In the end, Red faces his insecurities and learns to overcome them by accepting that there is no “I” in “team.” 

One big lesson in this movie is that everyone at some point in his/her life might feel neglected or left out,  but if you work at it, you realize that there are people going through the same things as you. In the movie, Red was petrified that everyone would forget about him again and that he would go back to the bird that everyone hated. 

Silver, a new character in this movie is the smartest bird in her class, and the other birds react to her with boredom. A different character who feels neglected is  Zeta who is bored of her life surrounded by ice and feels she is the only one who wants to make a change. 

Another big lesson is that you can not do everything yourself. Red and Zeta both learn throughout the story that if you rely on others, you may become more successful.  This also relates to when three little chicks lose one of their moms eggs and go on an adventure to get them back. They finally get the eggs back after a long journey, but only after they team up with some pigs. This teaches the importance of working together to overcome obstacles.  

When I first heard about The Angry Birds Movie 2, I wondered why they would remake such a classic movie.  Rotten Tomatoes states that this movie is a “delightfully, entertaining flight, with landing humorous hits along the way.”  

This movie is a perfect watch when having a family night, and the message the movie presents will blow your mind. The Angry Birds Movie 2 is a well thought out, good-quality movie that is flying into theaters near you.