‘Get Smashed’ Food Review


Aniyah Nelson, Scoop Writer

Get Smashed is a place that serves traditional smash burgers and fries. As the sign says, they just serve burgers, but the burgers are very delicious and cooked to perfection. Their play on words is just one of the very many features this restaurant has to offer. They offer dine in, order online, and curbside pickup services. They also cater! 

As previously stated, Get Smashed does just serve burgers and fries, but the menu is worth doing a deep dive into. “The Original Smasher” is two beef patties with two slices of cheese on a toasted brioche bun and pickles on the side. The “Glenbard Smasher” and the “Monster Smasher” follow the same ingredients but just add a pattie and a slice of cheese as it goes on. Their fries are waffle fries with a delectable seasoning. Some perks that might be intriguing is that all of the burgers can be gluten free just by asking for a different bun. The burgers are also customizable meaning customers can add on to them with lettuce, tomato, red onions, grilled onions or bacon. They also serve a beer cheese on the side. Their house made ranch is very unique and has a bit of a kick. 

If your looking a for nice fulfilling  meal under 15 bucks, then stop by Get Smashed, located on 850 Roosevelt Rd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137, near the Pete’s Fresh Market.