Mr. Travis Edwards Lends A Helping Hand To The Students of Glenbard South


Mr. Edwards is excited that he has joined the Glenbard South community! Source: Mr. Edwards

Emma Pekkarinen, School News Editor

Mr. Travis Edwards is a new addition to Glenbard South’s guidance department and is passionate about supporting students socially and emotionally. 

Mr. Edwards always knew he wanted to help others. He explained that his fascination with  mental health service originated from the obstacles he faced in his own life. 

“I’m able to relate to a wide variety of things. Social work allows me to help others process tougher things and I have had plenty of them in my life.” Despite his passion for helping others, it took Mr. Edwards years to find a career in social work. 

Edwards previously worked in the food service industry as a server and a chef. He was also employed as a gymnastics, tumbling and cheer coach for thirteen years, working primarily with high schoolers. At one point, he even thought about going into physical therapy. Each of these endeavors, as different as they may seem, were tied together by one continuity: a love for service. 

Ultimately, Edwards turned to social work after graduating from Aurora University in May of 2022. 

“Social work really fits my strengths, my passion of working with high schoolers and being someone who’s a solid role model. [I want to be] someone who can guide you in the right direction.” 

Edwards went on to say that his past experiences have helped him to develop the skills he needs as a social worker. Edwards described his years as a coach. 

He explained, “I was learning how to advocate and care for athletes and then a lot of those skills transitioned over nicely to social work.” 

At Glenbard South, every day is different. Edwards meets with students both individually and in groups. He usually sees students having crises. 

“I schedule each day, but sometimes the [appointment in the] schedule never actually happens. It’s never boring.” 

Social work is an integral part of supporting students socially and emotionally. While there are school counselors and psychologists at Glenbard South, social work is unique in that it encompasses community building and resources. 

Edwards described the differences between professions, saying, “School counseling is primarily about career and job focuses and your classes. Psychology is more about understanding what’s preventing you from learning and figuring out the supports or interventions that need to be put in place so that you can succeed. We, [social workers,] are the social-emotional piece.” 

As a social worker, Edwards helps his students with a wide variety of issues from student disagreements to personal challenges. No matter the case, Edwards is ready to offer support and guidance.

Mr. Edwards is enthusiastic to help students at Glenbard South. 

“I think there’s so much greatness in this school and in the students. I’m excited to be part of something that’s pretty amazing.”