The Creative Corner of 311


The creative writers of room 311 reply to the prompt “fall”. Photo Credit: Maggie Falkenberg

Maggie Falkenberg, School News Writer

Glenbard South’s Creative Writing Club is the perfect place for anyone wishing to explore themselves and their thoughts through writing within a community of other writers. 

Every Thursday, members meet to explore and grow as writers while creating their own work. The writers discuss and review a wide variety of prompts, ranging from the inspirational, the witty and occasionally the strange. Members have the opportunity to lead the meetings, brainstorming their own prompts to suggest or taking a slightly different route, suggesting a song to spark responses. A few recent examples are “Sandman” by Metallica, “God Save the Queen”and “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco. 

Senior, Speech Team member and theater enthusiast Hans Herrera shared, “Everyone has emotions, experiences, clarity. It’s our job to put it into words,” when asked his thoughts on the club.

At each meeting, the club examines a list of goals they created at the beginning of the year. The biggest goal they seek to accomplish is to hold an open mic night fundraiser for all the Glenbard Schools, building off the open mic night they hosted last year at Glenbard South. They also wish to hold smaller open mic events at neighborhood cafes. Last year, the club was able to create a publication of student work featuring numerous authors from all grades. Mr. Aye, one of the clubs co-sponsors along with Mr. Hepler, loves to watch the young writers work towards building their courage each week and progressing their skills. Their voices deserve to be heard in the clubs community, published in the clubs literary magazine, or even in competitions. 

Students interested in joining this “friendly and welcoming place”, as expressed by Junior Zach Cooper, can meet Mr. Aye, Mr. Hepler and other writers in room 311 every Thursday.