Everyone’s Dream of a Job


Kayla Milano and her co-workers create a truly unique workplace environment. Source: Kayla Milano

Enaya Siddiqui, Feature Writer

Oberweis is a beloved staple of Glen Ellyn, a go-to for quality ice cream. The nostalgic red and white building plays an important role in strengthening friendships for not only its customers, but also its employees.

Some of our school’s seniors are a part of this circle, like Kayla Milano. When asked about her favorite part of her job, she responded, “My favorite part is definitely the work environment. I love my friends…I get to see them and make money, which is phenomenal.” She continued,  “Having six of your best friends work with you is such a fun experience.” 

Her biggest motivation to come to work, other than the glorious pay, is definitely working with friends that make her laugh by the hour.. 

Kayla Milano works the night shifts at Oberweis on weekends as a crew trainer. Her job regularly consists of keeping the other employees in check,  training new crew members and, of course, serving customers their ice cream.

The service industry does consist of its highs and lows, especially regarding memorable experiences with customers. Milano recalled one of her most negative memories surrounding a customer writing a review referring to her as “the redhead” who served them “a melted soft serve.” Naturally, though, there are always some good experiences to offset the dissatisfactory ones. Milano recalled that her 10 months of experience has been full of small, heart-warming interactions with customers. Every exchange of compliments and small talk makes the work worth it.

From the moment they clock in, there is never a dull moment for Kayla and her friends.