An Inspiration to Many


Wotjun teaches world history honors, AP European history, contemporary world history and AP U.S. history at Glenbard South. Source: Mr. Wotjun

Shawn Sadorf, Feature Writer

Brian Wojtun is a history teacher at Glenbard South and he has inspired many people in many ways. He has helped many people figure out what to do, and how to overcome challenges. In his teaching career, he has faced many struggles along the way which have shaped him to be the way he is today and have made his career path even more interesting.

Ever since Wojtun was little, he has always been motivated. One of his biggest inspirations was his baseball coach in high school. Wotjun stated, “He taught me what hard work and dedication is and what it meant to have a sense of pride in something.” It was this hard work and dedication that led him to pursuing his career as a teacher at Glenbard South today.

Mr. Wojtun has had his struggles, but has persevered through them. When Wotjun had his tumor during teaching, his biggest struggle was learning to walk and talk again. He had fallen down while teaching one day, so he went to the doctor for answers. Even after he learned about his tumor, he still did his best to teach. Even now, he still is recovering from the tumor and teaching full days at school. With his downhills in life came his uphills, and, as of right now, he is on the road to recovering from possibly his biggest struggle in his life.

Brian’s pathway through life has had its ups and downs, but if he could tell his younger self one thing, he would say, “You’re doing the right thing, just keep working for it. No matter how hard it is.” Wotjun knows that he made the right decision with his life, even though at some points it has been tough. Through everything, he has always known that teaching was right for him. 

That is how Brian Wojtun has made an impact on many, and how he has persevered  through the tough times in his life. He has impacted, and will continue impacting people, by being a teacher at Glenbard South.