Behind The Scenes of Love/Sick


The poster for “Love/Sick” created by Hans Herrera which shows the beauty and the flaws of love.

Lizzie Pekkarinen, School News Writer

This September, on the 15th, 16th, and 17th Glenbard South’s theater will be opening its doors for the first time this year for the play Love/Sick. Featuring nine vignettes about all different types of relationships. The cast and crew have been working for the past three weeks to make this happen. There are three crews in the theater department, Tech crew (lights and sound), Paint/Build crew, and Costume crew. 

Tech crew’s role is, according to Ms. Stephaine Wallace, the Tech crew director, to “Position, program and run all of the lights and sound for the show.” Or in other words, “We make the stage bright and we make the sound good!” 

Specifically for this production there are a lot of simple lights. But there will be incidental music, which is music that will play between the vignettes separating each scene. Tech Crew is in charge of stopping and starting the music, sound quality,  and lighting. To be involved with Tech Crew no experience is needed. “You don’t need to know anything to come into it and try,” said Ms. Wallace, “We teach you everything and it’s super fun and you take a lot of pride in getting the show to where it is”. 

The role of the Paint/Build crew, according to the paint/ build crew director, Ms. Kelli Lawrence is to “paint and build the entire set and all of the props for the shows.” To be a part of this crew you do not need any prior experience. “I’ll teach you everything you need to know.” Said Lawrence. “Even today there was something that I had never done, but I said, ok we’re going to learn this together and so we all learned it together”. 

The production, Love/Sick, has a more simplistic or symbolic set, unlike past productions where the set was very literal. There are a lot of set pieces, some will be reused and some will be unique to each vignette. 

The role of the Costume crew is to “Prep the show for costume and makeup needs,” Said Mrs. Ellen Hill, the Costume crew director, “We organize costumes, we create and design some costumes.” In the Costume crew there is  a costume designer assigned to each actor. They  work with the actor to create a costume that is specific to that character. The costumer takes into account who the character is when designing the costume. During the show the costume crew helps actors costume change quickly as well as keep the costumes organized between scenes.  As this production is set in modern times, most of the costumes will be taken out of the actor’s own wardrobes, but the costume crew will still work with the actors in finding costumes that fit their character. This show will also be using makeup,  and each actor will receive a makeup kit and the costume crew will design a makeup look and apply the makeup for each actor. 

To be in any crew in the Glenbard South theater department no experience is needed or expected. All crew directors and senior members are more than happy to help.

Love/Sick can be seen on the 15th, 16th and 17th of September starting at 7:30pm in Glenbard South’s Little Theater. Purchase tickets online at: