Unaccompa-Threat Highlights

Maggie Falkenberg, School News Writer

Both of Glenbard South’s student-led acapella groups have been hard at work this past year after returning to in-person music with the rest of Glenbard South. Unaccompanied Minors, led by Gabi Allaway and co-leader Mike Hines, and Treble Threat, led by Allaway and Maddie Wetle, prepared and performed multiple pieces for different events over the course of the 2021-2022 school year. Together, the two groups are known as Unaccompa-threat. 


Unaccompanied Minors started out the year performing the national anthem at the first football game. They then went on to perform at Highpoint Church for Christmas. A final favorite highlight of the group was their performance at the Floral Symphony. Junior Dylan Heid and Sophomore Juliana Henry’s favorite song to perform was Carol of the Bells. Others also included Jessie’s Girl and Forget You. 


Treble Threat performed at this year’s first choir concert, adding additional performances through the holidays. Most recently, they performed at the Floral Symphony. An overall favorite song performed was Cloud 9, arranged by the leader Gabi Allaway. 


Members of both groups love the close knit community and safe supporting space they have created within them. The bond over music which helps them to come together and create an inspiring sound for those who hear them. Both Unaccompanied Minors and Treble Threat look forward to sharing old and new exciting pieces at Glenbard South’s end-of year Pops concert.