A helping hand

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A helping hand

Mint Sungvornyothin, Bottom Line Editor

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Lending a helping hand is always a virtue. One of the ways to help out is by volunteering, whether it is something big or small. Although one generally does not get compensation for volunteering, the rewards are far beyond money. In fact, teenagers can experience benefit from offering selfless services.


Can volunteer work really affect college admission? An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) research states that 63% of university students have taken part in either formal or informal volunteering since high school.

As a result, yes, volunteer work can contribute depth to college applications. As PrepScholar says, roughly around 50 to 200 hours of community services is ideal of colleges. By volunteering, admission officers will notice an individual’s commitment, passion and leadership.


However, not all students are motivated because of colleges. In fact, most students who volunteer possess a desire to ameliorate situations or assist others. Volunteering proffers a rare chance for students to make a difference to their local community and also build up their skills. Due to the wide variety of volunteering opportunities, these skills can pave way for future employment. As students get to scrutinize each area, they can decipher which careers they are well suited to. According to National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), 51% of recent working graduates report that volunteering has helped them to secure employment.


When many people think of volunteering, they might assume their only choices are feeding the homeless or picking up garbage. Although those are still valuable options, there are many more opportunities to serve. According to LearnHowToBecome.org, here are the main sectors of volunteer work:

  • Social and legal services – This area includes community development and residential care. One can volunteer by participating in community services such as toy drives, senior centers and social service offices.
  • Civic and environmental advocacy – This segment focuses on advocating for civil rights as well as environmental preservation. One can assist wildlife by taking part in a cleanup or an awareness event.
  • Arts and culture – This category area is based around humanities-oriented organizations. One can help out at theaters museums and gardens.
  • Education – This sector contains work in any types of schools, including libraries and research foundations. An individual can participate with after-school programs, research or tutoring kids.
  • Health services – This area centers on healthcare institutes such as hospitals and medical clinics. One can supervise patients or support healthcare organizations.
  • International relations and development – This includes foreign policy, international relief, human rights and security. Assistance can be provided with helping out in international disaster organizations and events.


Thousands of opportunities are available everyday. However, many students face difficulties because they are unsure on where to start. Here are some simple steps on how to get involved:

  • First, one should look for a cause that interests them or feels passionate about.
  • Browse options online that matches their schedule and skills. Try visiting VolunteerMatch.org or Idealist.org.
  • When one finds an ideal opportunity, offer a brief introduction by uploading a volunteer resume.


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