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The Meaning Behind the Super Blue Moon

Picture of a bright super blue moon on August 30, 2023 Taken by: Kathy Georgieva


On August 30th, 2023, a rare celestial event occurred for the first time in 14 years. This event captured the world’s attention, as families, friends and neighbors set down their lawn chairs and gazed up at the sky. That night, the moon made its appearance larger and brighter than ever. Not only was it a full moon that rose that warm, summer night, but a super blue moon. 


What is a Super Blue Moon? 

Most are aware of the moon’s monthly cycles, but not many know the explanation behind them. The moon’s phase depends on its position in relation to the sun and the Earth. Since our solar system is constantly changing positions, the phases of the moon fluctuate from a new moon (when the moon is not visible to the naked eye) to a full moon (when the entire moon is visible). A full moon occurs during an arrangement known as syzygy. This is when the moon, Earth and sun are perfectly aligned, with the Earth in between.


Unfortunately, a blue moon isn’t actually blue-colored. A blue moon is a term used to describe when a full moon appears twice in one month. The average length of the moon’s cycle is 29.5 days, a little shorter than the average length of a calendar month. This phenomenon usually occurs every two to three years. The rarity of this event is where the phrase “once in a blue moon” was coined. Similar to blue moons, supermoons only occur when the moon is in a full phase. When the moon is at its closest point to the Earth and also a full moon, it appears much larger and brighter than usual.


Super blue moons are exactly what the title suggests. When a blue moon and a supermoon take place on the same night, the moon can look up to 30% bigger than most nights. The reason why this event is so noteworthy is because 25% of full moons are supermoons and only 3% of full moons are blue moons, making the overlapping of these two very rare. According to Super Blue Moons: Your Questions Answered from NASA, the next super blue moon is expected to come in the year 2037.


What is the Spiritual Meaning Behind Super Blue Moons?

Many cultures have their own interpretation of how the different moon phases and events can predict and interpret their own lives. As stated in Blue Moon: Facts, Myths, and Occurrences, a blue moon is commonly believed to signify a sudden change in one’s life, yet whether this change is good or bad depends on the culture and the person. However, when combined with a supermoon, the effects of this celestial event are even more effective. Super blue moons are speculated to heighten one’s emotions, insight and imagination. Due to this, many think that we experience a greater emotional connection to the universe, which can encourage deep reflection and evaluation. After this self-reflection, many advocate focusing on manifestation and setting new intentions for one’s self. In What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Blue Moon?, super blue moons affect all zodiac signs, regardless of when they occur. 


Whether someone believes astrology can predict one’s fate or is simply a result of coincidence, most can agree that the spectacle of the super blue moon is something to be in awe of. The way super blue moons light up the sky inspires and touches the hearts of people across the globe. 

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