Boys’ Basketball


Michelle Marecki, Sports writer

The Glenbard South boys basketball team is in full swing with an overall ranking of 10-9-0. The team, led by head coach Wade Hardtke, is off to a great start so far with Glenbard South beating its biggest rivals Glenbard East and Bartlett with scores of 63-53 and 54-32. Every game has had its ups and downs, but this team does not back down from a challenge. Recently the boys basketball team had a very high attendance at “Pack the Place” event where multiple other sports were competing at the same time.
In particular, Dante Perryman, a senior on the boys varsity basketball team that plays guard, said “I have been playing this sport for 9 years already, and I don’t plan on playing basketball in college, but my favorite memory I’ve made on the team would have to be when it was my sophomore year and we won the conference championship”.

Perryman loves the energy he feels during the games and especially hyping up his teammates for game day.
Likewise, his teammate Franki Valli who is a junior on the boys varsity basketball team that also plays guard, loves the energy he feels during games. After being interviewed Valli said, “My favorite part of basketball is that it’s a game of heart. If you work towards your goals, you can reach them. From playing basketball, I’ve learned that you need to work for just about everything.” Valli has learned a lot from his experiences with the team, and he will continue with this mindset going into his senior year.
Overall, the boys basketball season is not under wraps yet and they are expected to have a good lead over the competition for the next few months leading up to the spring season.