Does life exist anywhere other than earth?


Wardah Fazil, Opinions Writer

          Over the years, many scientists and people have wondered if life exists beyond earth. We have had some close guesses to planets that might be suitable for living, but have not yet identified if there is any life on them. We have created new technology to help us look beyond the planet, beyond our galaxy but still have not detected traces of life. But the truth is we do not really know. 

          According to Harvard, new technology has allowed scientists to make tremendous breakthroughs, one of them is discovering a couple of planets that might have a chance at life. 

          In addition, scientists have been working on identifying exoplanets that most likely could have traces of life on them. The planets must have the right temperature for water to exist because everyone form of life known to man requires water. Hence the planet cannot be too close or far from  it’s own sun to produce life. Moreover, finding the perfect ‘sun’ for the planet could also be key to finding the perfect planet considering it affects the planet’s atmosphere and necessities to reproduce.

          Additionally, new technology is being created to detect life on more planets other than earth. Scientists have created giant and advanced telescopes that help them see further out in the galaxy to detect any suitable atmosphere. Furthermore, they are using extremely advanced spectrometers to help them detect any similar atmospheres to earth.

          In conclusion, we still do not know if there is life outside of earth. Year by year scientists have made small breakthroughs in the possibility of life on other planets, and remain hopeful. Solid proof is yet to be discovered, but it could be possible.