Pfizer Vaccine: FDA approval for 5-11 year olds


Quinlin Pounders, In-Depth Writer

Just over one week ago, the CDC director Rochelle P. Walensky announced that the CDC Advisory Committee has approved the Pfizer vaccine for kids aged 5-11. COVID-19 infections are likely to last longer in young kids, and with an increased risk of hospitalization among younger children, the approval of the Pfizer Vaccine was a necessary step in curbing COVID-19 cases in children. 

Within the first week of the Pfizer Vaccine being approved, 900,000 kids have already gotten their first dose, with 700,000 more well on their way. With kids finally getting vaccinated, it is predicted that cases will decrease, and in-person learning will become smoother overall. 

The vaccine was finally approved after an effective case study of about 3,000 children aged 5-11 were tested with the vaccine. The study revealed that the vaccine had no serious side effects and that it prevented COVID-19 in over 90% of the tests completed. 

Now that the younger generation has been vaccinated, things may finally become a new normal. 




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