Should we study Latin in the present day?


Wardah Fazil, Opinions Writer

   Latin is known as the forgotten language in our world. The language that was used in olden times to write and create. As time went on and new languages were created, Latin started to fade away. As being one of the first languages ever known to man, should Latin be taught to more people around the world?

          Many schools offer students an opportunity to study French, Spanish and some even German to help them learn more about a language other than English. What about Latin? Many languages we hear, including the ones listed above,  are derived from Latin! Many roots and words we use in our daily life have originated from Latin words. Now the question arises again, should Latin be taught to more people around the world?

          As stated above, many languages have derived from Latin. One of the major languages derived from Latin is English. Many aspects of English grammar and context were taken out of Latin. Many sources state that the best way to master English grammar and context is to learn Latin! Moreover, it would help one expand their knowledge and understanding of the English language itself. 

          Furthermore, Latin is a great way to learn more about history and knowledge. Much of the work in the olden times was written in Latin. It would help one expand their knowledge about literature, science and even math! A sophomore here at Glenbard South, Shel Shee, believes that Latin should be taught to more people because it would benefit our future and help us learn more about our history.

          On the other hand, many would argue that it is not important enough to be studied in school. Some believe that Latin is too hard and old  of a language to learn the origins and correct context of it. In addition, some might say that Latin would be a waste of time considering that we have come a long way in the context of writing and speaking different languages. To argue, Latin would help train one’s mind to be faster and mentally stronger.

          In conclusion, Latin has and always will be a very important part of our history and culture. Many things we say and write in the present day are derived from Latin. Many would say it is a waste of time to learn Latin, but wouldn’t it be pretty awesome to learn a forgotten language?