Being Okay With Being Alone


Nia Ellis, Opinions Writer

In my opinion I feel like people attach being alone or being themselves as a negative connotation, as if something is wrong.

However, grasping the fact that spending time alone in solitude is one of the greatest things in the world. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow without another presence hindering you from doing so. 

At that moment, you can do whatever makes you happy and rest your mind on what warms your soul, if you are not able to be by yourself for at least a small amount of time, you will never get to truthfully know yourself. 

It is not easy to just go into this aspect all of a sudden,but the moment you take time for yourself and are in the present moment of being alone you will solely expand spiritually and physically without you even KNOWING.

So many individuals have no choice but to be alone. 

For example you may not have many friends or are often left out of things.. but in my opinion during this you are at your greatest potential. 

There is nothing “wrong” with you, despite what anyone says. Know at this time it may hurt because you are  not used to being alone, however in reality you are not alone, you can be your OWN bestie.

I’ve been through this myself and it led to self-pity, due to the fact I didn’t understand that the definition of being solo wasn’t negative, like the world perceived it. 

In actuality, when I was alone, I grew immensely and discovered who I was.

I’ve never been more grateful for being alone and am so content when I am granted the opportunity to do so.

I will forever cherish this key to life, I hope whoever’s reading this can do so as well!