2020 election update


Fatima Imam, News Writer

   The primaries for the 2020 election had a tumultuous start with the Iowa caucuses on February 3rd. The votes had to be looked over multiple times as there were “inconsistencies” in the polling results. This was as a result of a new reporting app, which had many technical difficulties on voting night. Even worse, the results could not be reported to the Iowa Democratic Party because phone lines were backed up according to a CNN poll. In the end, Bernie Sanders was declared the winner for the Iowa caucus.

     Furthermore, next were the Nevada caucuses, which went much smoother than the Iowa caucuses. Again, Bernie Sanders received the most delegates’ votes in Nevada. 

    According to the New York Times, as of February 24th, Sanders was in the lead for the Democratic Party with 43 delegates’ votes. The next candidate in line was Pete Buttigieg, with 26 delegates’ votes. 

     On the other hand, Donald Trump was in the lead for the Republican Party. Trump has won the votes of 86 delegates currently according to NBC. Willian Weld was the other candidate running for the Republican Party. Weld has one delegates’ vote according to NBC.

  To summarize, there were eight Democratic and two Republican candidates still running for presidency. The Democratic candidates included Biden, Sanders and Warren. The Republican candidates consisted of Trump and Weld. 

     All in all, “Super Tuesday” was a major indicator as to who will end up as the final candidate running for each party in the 2020 election. For now, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both won several states each. Additionally, Super Tuesday has been known as the day on which the most amount of states hold primary elections and caucuses on March 3rd. This allowed candidates the ability to win more electorates on this Tuesday than any other day.