Save a coworker day


Olivia Bachar, News Editor

What would a person do if he or she found a coworker having a medical emergency? 

     On November 6th 2019, Sodexo worker Paula Barwacz walked into Glenbard South like any other day. 

     She greeted foreman Rich Santorelli and found him looking pale and sickly, so Paula quickly called emergency services and got school nurse Barb Smith. Mr. Santorelli was brought into the Central Dupage emergency room where it was found he had 100% blockage in one of his arteries. He then had invasive heart surgery to place a stent in and has since made a full recovery. 

     Post-surgery, the ER doctor who diagnosed Mr Santorelli encouraged him to call and thank Ms. Barwacz for her fast acting to get him medical help. 

     We as South students thank her too!