Frozen 2 Review

Lucia Labarre, Scoop Writer

 After watching Frozen and thoroughly enjoying it, I was intrigued to see the new Frozen 2 and discover how they would continue the plot into a second movie. I have to say, I was very pleased with the way it was executed and thought it had a very entertaining and thought out plot line. It was a movie that I could watch over and over and never get bored of. 

        The sequel begins with a flashback to Elsa and Anna being told a bedtime story by the King, their father, about his own childhood. In the story the King visited an enchanted forest with his father to celebrate the completion of the new dam in Arendellians that was used to keep the Natives out. However, the gathering soon transformed into an attack and his father was killed. The only survivor was a young prince, who was rescued by a mysterious girl. Since then, the enchanted forest has been blocked off by a powerful and mysterious mist. There were still many details of the attack that were unknown, and the young girls were informed that the river has held the truth and may know what happened that night. Fast forward several years, and the sisters have been living happily in their castle, when Elsa has received a calling from the enchanted forest. Olaf, Christoph, no Anna and Elsa all decide to venture out to it. There they must work to sort out misunderstandings, protect each other and reveal the truth. 

      Overall, this movie is perfect for viewers of all ages as it includes elements that everyone can enjoy. For example, there are many songs fit for children as well as great morals, that include reacting to change with curiosity and bravery. The movie also includes a lot of mature humor that adults will find entertaining. Additionally, the movie has beautiful animations, especially the ice and water scenes, and well developed characters. For example, even minor characters are thoroughly evolved, which allows viewers to become emotionally attached to them and more interested and invested in the plot line. Frozen 2 is a beautifully crafted and well rounded movie that is very intriguing to viewers of all ages.