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“The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store”: American Progress
“The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store”: American Progress
Abby Edwards, Scoop Writer • May 3, 2024

In “The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store” by James McBride, It is no secret that Chicken Hill is a place of struggle, and in 1930, Jews and African Americans had to depend...


Winter Fashion 2024: A Style From The Past

Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, David Beckham, George Clooney and Paul Newman: these are just some of the people that inspire the quiet luxury look, the current fashion trend in the winter of 2024. The bottom line is to wear expensive pieces that are of high quality or to wear refined color combinations and styles to achieve a “luxury” look. These outfits are created to make people look at the wearer a little longer or do a “double take.” Following this trend can help one look put together, classy and expensive. So, what certain styles promote this luxurious look? The following categories that will be discussed are: coats, shoes, shirts, colors and accessories. 

With the current cold temperature, it is best to wear clothing that keeps you warm and covers most of the body. For coats, Longline, leather, penny lane, teddy bear, feathery and furry coats have been frequently worn. Longline coats are very popular since “with a strong, structured coat over top, you can keep things pretty simple underneath,” according to Alexis Bennett Parker in Vogue Magazine. During Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton and Valentino styled these trendy coats on the runway. Louis Vuitton displayed a long black leather coat, while Valentino wore a black and white feathery coat. 

Wearing warm clothing is a part of the winter fashion for 2024, but regular coats are not necessarily the only style for this weather. The other popular and classy option is blazers. Blazers show a sophisticated presence of high quality and character, as well as creating a powerful aura, especially for women. The author of the website, Who What Wear dubbed this trend “Workin’ Girls.” In Paris Fashion Week of Fall 2023/Winter 2024, one of Celine’s models wore a white blazer. 

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2023/Winter 2024. A Celine model styles a white blazer. 

Some trendy shows have featured low black heels, fancy flats, Mary Janes, sleek loafers and pointed pumps. Heels are an elegant choice, but flats with a narrow front and a satisfying design or loafers will also do the job. Mary Janes express class and refinement, as well as contributing to an adolescent look because of the straps that they contain to look like a “school shoe.” Nonetheless, Mary Janes and the rest of these shoes are “items that you know will be around longer,” indicated by Who What Wear. The fact that these shoes can be used for multiple occasions expresses why these styles agree with the quiet luxury look and adds to their appeal. 

The respectable choice for shirts is turtlenecks, which is also an excellent pick to wear under a Longline coat. The outward look of a turtleneck is one of discretion and minimalism. Paired with nylons, low black heels and Longline coats, this simple article of clothing can create a timeless effect. The Princess of Wales herself, Kate Middleton, was seen wearing this style while taking a “visit to Edinburgh for a Sunday Service at Sandringham in January 2017,” as stated by the Kate Middleton Style Blog. She paired a sleek green turtleneck with a green longline coat. Turtlenecks can go with any coat or shoe, which explains why they are such a crucial part of winter fashion trends. 

The most popular colors that you will see this year in fashion are “red, crimson, intense rust, midnight plum, apricot crush, sustained gray and cool matcha,” as mentioned in Pattern Edit. Besides red, these colors are less intense and have a modest tone. Red is a classic color for the winter, so that is why red is also trending. At Paris Fashion Week, Numéro described the red Alexander McQueen dress as “a heady scent of sensuality.” Overall, these color tones are what the quiet luxury look requires because they desires less attention while red also agrees with the look because it is known to be an elegant color for the winter time. 

Finally, accessories that tie the outfit together are a must. These can often include jewelry, bags, gloves and headbands. For jewelry, silver is currently in fashion. With the snow outside, and the darker and more calm colors in season, silver jewelry adds the perfect touch. Parke again comments that silver is “clean, minimalist, and chic” in Vogue Magazine. Adding a tote bag is also stylish, and these can be paired with any outfit you wear. This, of course, relates to the “old money” look because the outfit pieces are very efficient. Next, a pair of gloves to wear with a Longline coat or a blazer adds an air of sophistication to the outfit. Headbands can also add femininity to an outfit.     

In the winter of 2024, the “old money” and quiet luxury trends have proven themselves as the driving force behind styles. The modest colors, long and furry coats, elegant shoes, minimal turtlenecks, along with accessories like headbands, tote bags, jewelry and gloves all promote a refined and classy look for the current fashion. With this information, how will you dress and show off your winter fashion? How will you present this look from the past?

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