Glenbard South’s Newspaper Editors present to the District 87 Board of Education


Sana Muneer, Co-Editor in Chief

As Peg Mannion, the Community Relations Coordinator for Glenbard District 87, entered the Glenbard South Library, the section editors of the Glenbard South Independent Newspaper erupted in cheers.

“I cannot believe that we are presenting in front of her!” Emily Puchalski, the Opinions section Editor of The Independent, exclaimed. 

The section editors of The Independent, led by Co-Editor in Chiefs Sana Muneer and Felicity Abbott, were invited by the District 87 Board of Education during their October meeting to highlight the achievements of the Glenbard South school newspaper. 

“They have brought an incredible amount of energy, organization, and leadership to their roles and have worked diligently in making the newspaper one of the largest clubs at Glenbard South,” the Public Meeting Agenda, written by South’s Principal Jessica Santee, boasted about the club. 

The Independent has been flourishing since Abbott and Muneer took the positions of co-editor in chief’s during their junior year, with the number of writers doubling, the addition of two new sections and an increased social media presence. 

“Our work establishes a foundation for future academic and professional success, and we develop essential writing skills inside and outside of journalism,” Abbott said during the presentation. 

“Similarly, our newspaper club is a welcoming, like-minded community. Our editors are ideal role models to students, and our writers have created deep friendships that span across grade levels,” added Muneer, smiling.

The editors of The Independent also mentioned how many of them are traveling to the National Journalism Education Association conference, located in St. Louis, Missouri. With the conference consisting of professional learning sessions, high-profile keynote speakers, and hands-on workshops, Kathy Georgieva, the In-Depth editor for the paper, emphasized how this conference will further her education in journalism. 

Similarly, the School News editor for The Independent, Emma Pekkarinen, added how she looks forward to bringing back the knowledge gleaned at the conference back to Glenbard South’s journalism course and the newspaper.

To end their presentation, the editors provided the Board of Education members with a portfolio consisting of exemplary articles from each section of the paper and a QR code linked directly to The Independent’s website.