Raider Spirit Wall


Aminah Ghouse, School News Writer

Thanks to the class of 2022, Glenbard South students are now able to enjoy the Raider Spirit Wall! The Spirit Wall, donated by the class of 2022 as their senior gift, is located by the main floor stairwells and advertises clubs, special holidays, and events. 

The Raider Spirit Wall is overseen by Ms. Marina Kosak and Ms. Linette Chaloka. Students are welcome and encouraged to advertise on and decorate the chalkboard wall. In order to do so, students must reach out to either Ms. Kosak or Ms. Chaloka. “Ms. Chaloka’s the assistant activity director so all of those requests come through her and me, and then we always ask for a preview of it so we can approve it before it goes up on the wall,” explained Ms. Kosak.

 Senior class president Luke Christie is also very passionate about the Spirit Wall. As requested by Ms. Chaloka, Christie decorate the wall for Veterans Day after school . As stated by Christie, “Veterans Day is a very important holiday to recognize the people that fought for us. Many families at GBS are connected to veterans in some way, so it was important to me to show support.” Christie also recommended that the Glenbard South student body take advantage of the Spirit Wall. “The Spirit Wall is a fun way for students to share important messages through creativity,” emphasizes Christie. 

Once again, all Glenbard South students are encouraged and welcome to decorate the Glenbard South Spirit Wall with whatever they are passionate about. It is all just an email away!