‘Bridgerton’ Season Two


Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Jaden Juengel, Scoop Writer

Netflix recently launched an immensely anticipated second season of Regency Era melodrama, Bridgerton. Devoured by devoted viewers, the sophomore season of Bridgerton secured an impressive 251.74 million viewing hours in a single week. Overall, Bridgerton season two was a rush of whimsy romance, lavish privilege and intimate desires.

Bridgerton season two introduced ambitious Kate Sharma and her magnanimous sister, Edwina. The season began with Kate scavenging England’s overbearing pool of potential suitors, adamant on achieving a betrothal for her sister. Despite aid and advice, Edwina becomes smitten with Anthony Bridgerton, who Kate has relentlessly vilified. Through Edwina, Kate becomes increasingly intertwined with Anthony as their disdain churns into flames of forlornly forbidden passion.Their relationship proceeds to intensify into a whirl of remorseful monologues and intricate vulnerability.

Swept in sensual fury Anthony, wistfully proclaims to Kate, “You are the bane of my existence – and the object of all my desires”. Anthony’s heart-wrenching musing is an embodiment of the ruthless tension and desperation embedded in season two of Bridgerton. Additionally, writer Abby McDonald addressed her creative process while formulating various episodes of Bridgerton season two in a Tweet explaining, “My unofficial anthem while writing this episode of Bridgerton was ‘Illicit Affairs’ by @taylorswift13”. McDonald’s praise of Swift’s modern lyricism demonstrates her niche for incorporating genuine relatability into a historical narrative. McDonald refurbishes an obsolescent period of time, availing contemporary flair to convey familiarity in her writing.

Overall, Bridgerton season two is encompassed in extravagant passion and polished plot lines. In an impeccably curated continuation of exquisite desires and rapacious romance, Bridgerton season two enamores viewers in endless enthrallment.