Strike Out!


Michelle Marecki

This spring season for boys varsity baseball has been rigorously competitive. The team only playing 7 games so far due to the rain outs have left them with 5 wins and 2 losses, and they are currently 3rd in the Upstate 8 Conference. The team is constantly working harder everyday to be at the top of their conference. This is a senior dominated team with high expectations for the rest of the baseball season.
A senior role model on the team is Josh Cline, who plays middle infield. Cline has been playing baseball for about 13 years now and he hopes to continue playing after graduation. Cline said his favorite aspect of being on the team is “how much chemistry you build with the team as the year goes on.” His favorite baseball memory was “playing in Cooperstown and making it to the quarterfinals”.
Another player on the team is Zach Westa, who plays outfield. Westa is a junior on the team and has also been playing baseball for 13 years since he was in preschool. Westa plays for the Windy City Baseball team outside of school, and he said that “I learned that it takes a lot to get far in this sport. I look back in the past and about all the things I could have and should have been doing to get better. You have to have dedication in order to get far.”
Some tips that Westa and Cline shared are that “this isn’t an easy trip. Baseball is a physical and mental game. Everyone plays the game. You need to be alert from the very start of the game to the very end.” According to Westa a tip for someone looking to get into baseball is “Do it! It will give you the best memories of your years in high school.”