New Phone Policy

New Phone Policy

Sana Muneer, Lenses Writer

Have you noticed a change in teachers’ attitudes towards phones? This is due to a new phone system being tested out on the freshman class, which is from some violations of the handbook phone policy. During last semester, there were many occurrences of students being distracted from their work by these devices and texting or playing games in class. 

Phones will now be required to be placed on silent, placed into teacher’s ‘phone jails’, or kept in pocket dividers when students enter the classroom.  Also, new signs in classrooms saying “Off and Away” and the increased strictness of teachers toward these devices have led to many positive and negative changes in the classroom environment.

Mr. Ruben Rodriguez, who teaches World History Honors and AP European History, states “As teachers, we want to make sure students are focusing at the work at hand, and can perform at their best. I understand why students want their phones, but at the same time, it can become a major distraction. That’s why we are enforcing it so seriously.” The lure of these phones is incredibly distracting, and other teachers agree. Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchinson, the new choir director, also says how she is glad the expectations have been raised and how this issue has been taken care of. She previously has taken phones from multiple students due to them being distracted, or going on it when they’re not supposed to. Consequences of breaking this rule are a phone call home, the teacher taking the device, and the possible threat of one’s phone going to the dean’s office. 

On the other hand, opinions in the student body vary. Some students in the freshman class say they understand why teachers want their phones away. Other students say how having their phone near them in class makes them feel comfortable. Despite some conflict in the views of students and teachers, grades have improved and the overall focus on studies has been enhanced.