Softball Update

Aliyah Edelstein, Sports Writer

The Glenbard South Varsity Softball Team kicked off the 2019 season with its first game on March 18 against Wheaton North. Since then, the girls have competed against Glenbard North on April 3 along with a 19-9 victory against Bartlett High School on April 8.

    Head coach Julie Fonda had the girls working hard at practice in order to reach their goal: winning conference. In order to win conference, which will entail being the top team in the division, the team has done a multitude of skill work including grounders, fielding drills, outfield drills, hitting drills and practicing plays in order to enhance their performance at games.

    Along with their practices and games, there have been obstacles that have challenged the team as a whole. Junior Grace Wallner stated that the main obstacle at the moment is “getting in their own heads”.

    To combat this, the team uses the saying, “we before me” which represents overcoming personal mistakes by cheering for the other team members. Wallner added, “If you mess up, it is really easy to get in your own head, but turning it around and supporting whoever has the next play really helps the team as a whole”.