Creative Writing Club Sets Their Sights on a New Literary Magazine

Matilda McLaren, School News Writer

Glenbard South’s Creative Writing Club, a coalition of like-minded students who promote various writing events throughout the year, are approaching an official publication for the school’s first ever literary magazine. The publication will be made possible through the club’s collected funds from their Slam Poetry Event last month, as well as from the sales of club sponsored t-shirts with an iconic quill emblem. 


The literary magazine will comprise written pieces from students all across the school, including Creative Writing Club’s members, students currently enrolled in a Creative Writing English class, or anyone interested in showcasing their writing skills. Categories for written submissions include poetry, short fiction, personal essay, and descriptive sketch. Student artwork will also be showcased in the magazine. 


To receive more information regarding this year’s literary magazine, reach out to club sponsor Mr. Aye at [email protected], or Mr. Hepler, who is also the sponsor for the Writing Center at Glenbard South, at [email protected]