The Importance of Shonda Rhimes


Source: Forbes

Jaden Juengel, Scoop Writer

Shonda Rhimes is an immensely regarded television producer, known for her passionate authenticity and expressive vulnerability. Her dynamic allure prompted an article by Time to eulogize, “At her most prolific, Rhimes was responsible for producing around 70 episodes of TV across up to four ABC dramas each year,” (Shonda Rhimes Already Knows What You’re Going to Watch Next). Despite endless praise, Rhimes embraces her affluence with altruistic composure and magnanimity, as exemplified by an acceptance speech promoted by Professional Woman’s Magazine, where Rhimes proclaimed, “It is not trailblazing to write the world as it actually is,” and, “I created the content that I wanted to see and I created what I know is normal,” (Shonda Rhimes- Normalizing Diversity).

Rhimes embeds layers of complexity and intricacy in her characters, allowing viewers to indulge in unraveling their relatable dimension. Her works include Bridgerton, a sensual melodrama on Regency Period love affairs, which delves through a whirlwind of rapacious glamour and lavish desire, in baffling whims of suspicion and secrecy. Rhimes also created Grey’s Anatomy, a medical drama, following an ambitious posse of surgeons, encompassed in wistful romance and chaotic careers. 

A Times article devours Rhimes’ structure by describing, “The prototypical Shonda Rhimes screenplay is like a 42-minute dance track; the tempo builds and builds until finally the beat drops, in a series of last-act twists to be untangled in next week’s episode,” (Shonda Rhimes Already Knows What You’re Going to Watch Next). Rhimes graduated from Dartmouth, although intent on novelism, she diverged an unexpected path in production once finalizing her education by securing a degree in film from the University of Southern California. Devoted to authenticity, Rhimes sculpted niche screenplays, eventually writing Grey’s Anatomy, an evident catalyst for her stardom. Propelled into fame by her elaborately construed plotlines and dynamically diverse characters, Rhimes accumulated an epic following.

Personally, Rhimes and her characters are wittily validating and beautifully emboldening. Rhimes’ craft is resilient and impenetrable, revealing raw poignance and gracious vulnerability. Rhimes’  aspirational and imperfect heroines have earned her a well deserved reputation for theatrical excellence.