Play to the End: Basketball Senior Spotlight


Sarah Ledford, Sports Writer

On February 14th, the Glenbard South girls basketball team geared up for their home regional game versus Lemont. Little did they know that this would be their last game for the 2021-22 season. But for three seniors, it was their last high school career basketball game. This season, the team celebrated seniors Bailey Cloutier, Emily Frieling, and Brittany Miller, and paid tribute to their time at South. It was a difficult goodbye for the players, but they all mention that this was their best season yet.
Bailey Cloutier has been playing since her freshman year, but when asked about her favorite memory about playing at South, Cloutier responded with, “Being a part of my senior year team, they’re the best!” This just shows that nothing can beat those senior year memories.
“Senior night. My favorite team gave us seniors the best night we could’ve asked for”, Cloutier responded when questioned about the highlight of her senior season.
“Lots of tears and hugs.”
Another senior on the team, Brittany Miller, has also been a part of the team for four years. When Miller was asked about the highlight of her senior season, she answered truthfully and emotionally.
“Senior night because although it was sad to say goodbye to a really amazing team, it was a fun night and I had a lot of fun”, Miller commented.
“Playing basketball with a lot of close friends over the past 4 years”, is one of Miller’s favorite memories of her time playing at South. Playing with close friends can always make the game even more fun and exciting.
The last senior, Emily Frieling, has been playing basketball at Glenbard South for three years. When asked the question ‘what is your favorite memory of your time playing at GBS?’, Frieling answered, “The team dinners and traveling to ISU to watch a girls basketball game”.
Another big part of basketball is setting goals in order to become a better player. Frieling was asked, ‘how have you changed during the season?’.
“During the season I improved my game and developed more confidence in myself”, Frieling responded. Confidence is a big part of the game, as it leads to better teamwork.
These responses all show that the seniors’ favorite aspect of their senior season was the team. Being close with a team leads to success in practices and games, and can lead to a true friendship.
These seniors left with a piece of advice for future players. Most of which range from working hard to practicing outside of school, but the biggest response was to have fun.
As the Glenbard South basketball team says goodbye to these seniors, they will continue to keep pushing forward. Good luck to Cloutier, Miller, and Frieling in their futures, and keep playing!

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