Wrestling Season Comes to an End


Alex Arquilla, Sports Writer

Wrestling has been known to be one of the most challenging high school sports because of the toll it takes on one’s body and how individual the matches are. When a wrestler is in a match, there is no team but instead two people confronting one another. But, it can be considered a team sport, as teammates support each other and enhance their capabilities. In wrestling, it is as essential to be a good partner as it is to be aggressive and confident when in a match. If one has a great deal of potential, but is a horrendous partner, they not only hurt their partner, but also themselves. In doing this, they are losing opportunities instead of gaining good experience. Because their partner does not get any better, neither will they. In wrestling, nothing can imitate experience, and if one is not gaining experience then one is not getting better, and therefore are getting worse in comparison to their competitors. At Glenbard South, every single wrestler is an amazing partner, and it has shown through the leaps and bounds of progress there has been.

This wrestling season has been great, with many of the varsity wrestlers ranking third place at conference. Even the freshmen have had a great season, as all of them have improved with leaps and bounds. The freshman/sophmore team has records from Danny Langner with twenty-two wins and three losses, to Fernando Velasquz with zero wins and two losses (he had an amazing debut on Thursday, January 19th, 2022).

Danny Langner has said that a wrestler, “Lives by the headlock and dies by the headlock”, and has gained so much experience and knowledge throughout this season. Not to mention, Matthew Orsolini, following in his brother’s footsteps with a record of thirteen wins and ten losses. Then there is the incredible Diego “Street Jesus” Myers with a record of sixteen wins and twelve losses.

One could not help but to mention Logan Price (sixteen wins, seven losses) with his wise words stating that wrestling is, “very challenging, but very rewarding.” The freshman coach and English teacher here at Glenbard South, Mr. Bonk, has said that this is the best freshman team he has ever coached with Mr. Crenshaw (varsity wrestling coach, football coach, and PE teacher here at Glenbard South), and that he looks forward to the next four years with this team. Finally, Reid Sebahar (13 wins, 9 losses) has said, “Our season so far has been great. We have a very promising team and those who are involved in it are great people. We have a strong and amazing community built within the wrestling team and I look forward to the future that we will take.”