Emma Pekkarinen, School News Writer

Chess team is one of the many activities offered at South and is currently in the depths of its season. Several students offered their perspectives on the team. Hannah Poore, senior, says that she is drawn to the team due to the connections she gains and “the bond we all have [as a team]”. Chess can be an intimidating game but according to Poore, “Everyone is very welcoming and loves the sport”. 

Ryan Dodd, senior, also shared his experiences with the team, “What draws me to chess is its ability to relax you. While some see it as a puzzle you have to win, I find it relaxing, especially when I focus on having a good game over winning. There’s this type of energy you get from it, almost like having completed a really hard math problem.”

Poore shared that for her, a typical chess competition is very structured and quiet, with a sense of focus towards the game. Dodd, shared the emotional aspect of Poore’s views toward competing but added that for him they can be, “a rollercoaster of emotion. I start with high enthusiasm, but walk away having won zero games (I have lost all my competition games this year).” While competing is a great way to demonstrate the hard work put into learning and strategizing about the game, the team also recognizes that competing isn’t for everyone.

Dodd stressed that to be a part of the team, students don’t need to compete. Students interested in learning how to play chess with no commitment are welcomed within the team. “You just show up to our weekly practices we have in the LRC on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Beyond that, you aren’t necessarily obligated to go to the competitions if that is not your thing,” explained Dodd. He shared further that, “The practices are open to anyone in the school, as we are always looking to play chess.” 

To get involved in this activity, students can head to the LRC on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays after school anytime they want to play!