Michigan school shooting prompts questioning of gun laws

Zainab Talha, Scoop Editor

Just last week, on November 30th, four teens were horrifically killed in Michigan’s Oxford High School. 15-year old Ethan Crumbley allegedly fired a gun between classes, injuring six students and a teacher, while leaving four others dead. 


It is said that Crumbley had been caught in suspicious activity including looking at photos of ammunition the day before the shooting. On the day of the shooting, school counselors removed Crumbley from class after saying he had created concerning drawings and statements. Although school officials spoke to the parents regarding this, Crumbley’s parents refused to take him home. Teachers then made the decision to send the suspect back to class, reaching the conclusion they thought was best at the time. This is when, during the passing time between classes, Crumbley chose to fire a gun at others in the school.


Currently, the shooter sits in the Oakland County Jail with one count of terrorism causing death, four counts of first-degree murder, seven counts of assault with intent to murder and twelve counts of possession of a firearm.


In addition, Crumbley’s parents have also been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. James and Jennifer Crumbley have pleaded not guilty, but are also currently held in custody, separate from their son. 


Regarding the shooter’s parents, there has been some outrage on how freely their child was given access to a weapon. A Christmas photo with all members of the family proudly showing off a gun only added to this concern.


The Michigan school shooting brings up the same question yet again: what gun control laws do there need to be in order to prevent horrific shootings such as this one?