Mock Trial

Aminah Ghouse, School News Writer

    Counsel, lay a foundation for Glenbard South’s Mock Trial club! Mock Trial is a debate club where students discuss and argue different points while imitating court procedures. Glenbard South’s Mock Trials club competes against other schools and may eventually compete in state! Many students enjoy Mock Trial due to its similarity to a court session, and because it allows them to work on writing and debating skills. 

      Sophia Hoerdermann, a junior, described Mock Trial as a place where students are “given a case that we analyze and assign parts to portray like a real court case.” Hoerdermann then went on to explain that mock trial is a great place to “work on my debate skills and learn the court room,” and added that her favorite part of Mock Trial is the members’ “fierce competitiveness and drive to win state.” 

      Brynn Robbins, a junior, explained that in mock trial, students “dissect the parts of a civil or criminal trial and each person has a role.” Robbins continued on to say that the club is a great place to “improve my public speaking and learn more about a career I’m possibly interested in,” as well as to “become a better debater.” Robbins then concluded that her favorite part of Mock Trial is “meeting new people and learning about the court room.”

      Arifa Ridah, a junior, explained that she “joined Mock Trial because my friend Sophia raves about it,” and she ended up loving it! Ridah explained that her favorite part of Mock Trial is “how close everyone is and how everyone cheers each other up.” She added, “if you want to improve your public speaking and sound more sophisticated, this is a great club to join!”

      Overall, Mock Trial was described as a great place to meet people. The club was also recognized as a great way to work on debating, writing, and critical thinking skills. Additionally, Mock Trial can help students that are looking into a career in law. Glenbard South Mock Trial encourages students to join the club. At this time, the defense rests.