Fall Fashion Guide 101

Rachel Torres, Scoop Writer

It is finally everyone’s favorite season… fall! Fall is a time where one can truly express themselves, my favorite being through fashion. Fall weather is unpredictable at times, so be prepared to try out a wide range of clothing options.  One day it may be sunny and 80 degrees, and you could be still rocking a t-shirt and shorts ,but like summer, the very next day it can dip into the 50s and you can sport your favorite chunky sweater and jeans.

It is super easy to dress in the fall, if you have the essentials. The essentials are must need basic clothing in your closet, that can be paired with a variety of outfits. In my opinion, here are what essentials should consist of.

  • Plain white/black tank top
  • Mom jeans
  • White/black button up
  • White/black zip up hoodie
  • white/black plain shoes ex: Converse, Vans
  • White/black long sleeve (turtle neck or scoop neck)
  • A nice oversized jacket
  • Boots ex: Doc Martens

White and black are the easiest colors to pair with other clothing. Having basic white and black clothing pieces are essential. You can mix and match the tops with a variety of garments, and pair these basics with fun clothing to balance things out too. Also, having a nice oversize jacket can be paired in so many different ways, it is a must need. A nice pair of jeans can go such a long way and can be styled in so many different ways and aesthetics. 

I truly think that the fall color palette is very neutral and classic, from black, to brown, to white. When it comes to color in fall though, if you want a pop of color, go for a darker version of that color. For example, instead of a bright green, go for a sage green or a forest green. Instead of a bright red, go for a wine red or a maroon. In the mood for yellow? Go for a mustard yellow. When it comes to fall fashion, you want to match the scenery as you do with for example summer. In summer, people tend to wear bright, fun colors that go with the beautiful summer days where the sun is shining bright. With fall, the color palette of the earth is changing, from green leaves to red/orange leaves, and from bright summer days to more foggy days. Your mind tends to want to blend into the scenery when it comes to what you want to wear. That is why your color palette changes from bright colors to more neutral dark colors. 

From all the trends I’ve seen, and things I’ve worn personally, here are the styles I see taking over 2021’s fall fashion. “Twilight Core” as some call, it is back in style. For those who don’t know what that is, it is the late 2000’s and early 2010’s iconic lowrise jeans and tight fitted shirts combo. This combination is usually paired with converse shoes. Also, the 90’s revival is here to stay. Big flannels paired with Doc Martens and dresses are in. This style is also influenced by the 2014 tumbler style that was inspired by the 90’s style, pairing the outfits with fishnets or ripped tights. Loose jeans like mom jeans, bell bottom jeans and wide leg jeans are all in style. Everyone is loving the loose jean look, as it can be classy and cool looking at the same time. A lot of times these jeans or mini denim or tennis skirts are paired with sweater vests. Sweater vests on top of basics can make a look iconic. It can add a pop of fun. You can take a basic outfit and make it even better with just a sweater vest. Finally, the last style that is super in is the dark academia style. This style is a lot of skirts, plaid pants, blazers and long socks. Think of a school girl but with more style. This style is timeless and chic. 

My personal favorite thing to wear is a beautiful leather jacket. A nice leather jacket is a jacket that can last forever and works forever. They can add so much to your wardrobe and your specific look. It can take a basic outfit and make it 1000 times more interesting just by adding a jacket. I also love a pair of leather jeans. Leather jeans with a basic white crop top is such an easy outfit to wear, but it looks so chic and gives off the ‘model off duty’ vibes. I also love sporting a vest. For example,

 I have a black vest that has black flowers embroidered on the vest, and I normally pair that with a blue tank top with low rise jeans and Converse. The vest itself takes an average outfit and makes it more fun and cute.

Now it is time to talk about the most important thing when it comes to creating an outfit… accessorizing. Accessorizing is so important, and can take a plain outfit and make it shine. Finding the right shoes is also so important. If you don’t have the right pair of shoes with your outfit, it can make your outfit look off. I recommend also having at least 1-2 pairs of rings you wear daily as a statement piece in your outfit. Rings can make an outfit classy. I also recommend if you have your ears pierced to always wear earrings. Finding a cute bracelet for an elegant look, or a whole lot of bracelets at once also add to your outfit. Finally, stacking on necklaces really just adds to your look. You can wear sweatpants and a shirt, but if you accessorize well, that outfit can go from  ‘lazy day’ to ‘street style’.

Fall is the best time of year to experiment on your personal style, because the weather is so lenient. Fashion is all about self expression, so when you go out in your stylish fall attire, make sure that the outfit feels you and is you. 

Example of dark academia and grunge
Example of “twilight core”
Example of 90s, grunge, and 2014 Tumblr