Homecoming 2021 Review

Aminah Ghouse, School News Writer

After the amazingly planned dance put together by the wonderful homecoming committee, students have shared their favorite experiences from homecoming this year as well as recommendations for upcoming years. Students have expressed that they really enjoyed the environment of this year’s homecoming dance!

      Zoyaa Baig, a freshman, had a wonderful first homecoming experience and said, “My favorite activity at homecoming was the dance floor.” Overall, Baig described the dance as “really fun,” but thought that there should be more games in upcoming years.

      Emily Puchalski, a sophomore, thought homecoming was great and said, “…everyone that prepared did a beyond incredible job!!” Puchalski also explained, “My favorite activity at hoco was probably just talking to friends and being able to catch up with people!” While Puchalski had an overall great experience, she recommended that upcoming homecoming dances could include newer music and less rap. 

      Eduar Martinez, a junior, said, “Overall it was fun because of the people I got to see….” Martinez enjoyed the music, but recommended on-the-spot music suggestions at the dance. Martinez also explained, “The games were far away so you felt distanced and kind of far away from the overall environment.” Martinez also expressed, “…it was a bit short, one more hour could have been fine.”

      Rachel Newman, a senior, said her “Favorite thing at hoco was probably seeing everyone all dressed up.” Newman added, “Recommendations would be to bring back the photo booth…” Newman also mentioned that giving away items, like the light up bracelets at Homecoming 2019, would be a great idea. Finally, Newman recommended, “…complementary food that you don’t have to pay for…” 

      Overall, students seem to have enjoyed this year’s homecoming dance, and will be excited to see what’s planned for upcoming homecomings!