College Visits

Abigail Hendricksen, School News Writer

Students interested in exploring further schools are encouraged weekly college visits run by Anne Lange. College visits are a wonderful opportunity to learn about a school and get students thinking about the possible outcomes of their future plan. 


If students are looking to get involved in these college visits, they must go to their Naviance account. All the college visits are posted there and in your updates on Schoology. This year, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to attend the visits. In order to attend the college visits, students have to book an appointment with the college recruiters in Naviance. Students can do this during any period of the day, however quoted by Anne Lange they should, “Prioritize school, the grades you get are the most important.” Students should make sure to book these appointments during a period that can be missed. 


College visits are also a great opportunity to present one’s self and one’s work ethic to the college recruiters. Don’t forget, how one presents themself is how one will be remembered. Along with college visits, there is information on Military Programs for those who are interested. 


Students should make sure to look in their Schoology updates, outside of the library, and outside of the guidance office to keep up with the upcoming college visits.