New IOS 15 Update


Jason Lo, In-Depth Writer

The brand new IOS 15 update has rolled out alongside all iPhone 13 series phones. Ever since the update has been announced to the public since Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this June, many have been excited for the new update. It brings in many minor yet quality of life improvements to the IOS ecosystem. 

Many are excited about the new ways to connect with people through the IOS ecosystem. One of these new features is the new and improved Facetime experience with everyone, including non-Apple devices. For the first time ever, people will be able to Facetime others on a Windows computer or Android phone. Many speculate Apple implemented this feature after the boom in video conferencing during the Pandemic. In addition, while Facetiming others, participants can now share their screen, music and other apps during the call. iPhone users can now binge-watch all of their favorite shows with their friends in the comfort of their own home with the new share play feature on Facetime. In addition to the Facetime calls, shared items from users’ families and friends will now pop up on their selected apps. Content will be placed in a special folder named shared with you. This feature allows users to easily find the important things that were shared by their peers. 

Furthermore, the photos in your library got a lot smarter. Now, photos in the camera roll can find text in a variety of languages and be copied onto other applications (notetaking hack). To add on, the text can be translated into selected languages on the spot (travel hack!!!). In addition, with the new camera features of the iPhone 13 Pros introduced, advanced ProRes photos are implemented into the IOS ecosystem. 

There are a lot more additions introduced into IOS 15, including a revamped Maps and Weathers app making them more immersive and grand to spatialized audio on the entire phone. These updates have been criticized for being more minor than previous updates. However, these quality of life improvements can be seen as a major step in the development of IOS.