Should There Be A High School Dress Code?


Asma Irfanullah, Opinions Writer

During elementary school and middle school, students have a strict dress code to abide by, such as no halter tops, no off-the-shoulder/one shoulder tops, no shorts smaller than thigh-length, etcetera. We are all familiar with the rules that were set in place when we were younger. However, what strict clothing-length rules are there in high school?

As a high school student fresh out of middle school, I am amazed at what I see. People do and dress as they please in high school. There seems to be no rules limiting the length of their clothes. Though, I wouldn’t use the word “amazing” in a very good way. Others can have their own opinion, but, in my opinion, students have become a little too free with their clothing choices. Maybe they are trying to look good for others, or they just feel comfortable in those types of clothes, but I wonder, why would a person want to be so open? 

It should now be obvious, but I think there should be a stricter high school dress code than the one we have now, that refers to the clothing length people wear. When people wear short clothes, it is revealing as well as distracting. In my opinion, this makes it harder to learn for the ones subjected to others wearing these types of clothes. Instead of listening to the teacher, they might watch their peers instead. They cannot focus and end up learning less.

Having a stricter dress code in school would also discipline students. It promotes a good learning environment and implements a sense of being “serious”. Though, schools cannot take away student expression, they should mandate things such as the length of shirts/pants, but they should not take away color or design. Students can still be creative while having a dress code

In the past, people never had a problem with dress codes. They knew how to dress around others. It was a normal life for them. Now, people do not care. Why does it seem like there is a race to become naked?