New Year, New Sports Rules

Itzel Cruz-Davalos, Sports Writer

Ending off the 2020-2021 school year with both online and in-person learning gave the student community a chance to get used to the new ‘normal’. Part of being fully back in school for this 2021-2022 school year will be finally getting back to the usual sports atmosphere.
Unlike last year, all sports will be running during their assigned season, but with COVID-19 still present, there are still restrictions that will need to be followed.
Outdoor sports, such as football, tennis and golf get the opportunity to practice without their masks while still trying to maintain the three-feet distance guideline. On the other hand, all indoor sports, such as volleyball, are required to wear masks during their practices and games while keeping as much distance as possible.
Even with these restrictions in place, the Glenbard South community is excited that all sports have gone back to normal as much as possible, along with being able to watch the games again!
Make sure to wear a mask and maintain at least a three-feet distance when attending an indoor sport game or outdoor game!