A New Start


Lily Guetzow, Sports Writer

The constant changes of last year were challenging for many students, but it was particularly difficult for fall sport athletes. With timeline setbacks, shortened seasons, and in some cases lack of athletes, fall sports of the 2020 season struggled. Now as we are getting back into a more “normal” lifestyle, the question is: how will athletics move forward?

When interviewing Mr. Kevin Berner, the coach of the Glenbard south girls golf team, he explained that the golfers of this 2021 season will participate in more engaging outdoor activities as opposed to the previous lectures inside. For example, Berner has taken the golfers to Holes and Knolls as an opportunity for these athletes to bond as a team.

Many of these athletes faced a harsher cut-line in the 2020 season, resulting in not as many girls advancing to Sectionals competition. Berner and these athletes look forward to more opportunities this year, and being able to socialize with their own teammates or their opponents.

While conversing with Mr. Timothy Carlson the Assistant Principal for Athletics, he expressed that within the 2020 season there was no time to socialize within teams due to shortened seasons, but within this year the school looks to bring back events that allow socialization such as blue and white night. Mr. Carlson recognizes the importance of team bonding and is excited to watch student athletes enjoy their regular season, as well as admire the Glenbard South full bleachers for Friday night games.

While the last 2 years have been almost nothing but chaos, the community looks forward to being able to enjoy their normal athletics very soon. The setbacks of fall sports have left both fans, athletes and coaches more than eager to start their seasons.