‘Born a Crime’: A Historical Masterpiece


Amina Irfanullah, Scoop Writer

“Born a Crime” by comedian and television-host Trevor Noah is a historical novel following Trevor Noah through his life in South Africa during apartheid.

The book begins with some background on apartheid, an advanced system of segregation or discrimination, and then transitions into Trevor’s autobiography and his struggles with apartheid. Noah is the son of a white Swiss man and a black Xhosa woman. He was born on February 20, 1984. For the time he spent in South Africa under apartheid he wasn’t able to have a full range of freedom, there were always places where he didn’t quite fit in. Noah explains apartheid in correspondence with his life to make understanding the concept easier.

Noah continues through the book, explaining his life and how he got to where he is today. The book follows Noah through his childhood as a colored boy. He explains how although he never fit in, he still ended up finding his crowd for some time. He goes on to tell how apartheid affected the views of people and how he stuck out as a colored person.

I was not expecting much when I started reading this book. I wasn’t completely sure how it would be structured and whether or not it would capture my interest. However, Noah explains his history and part of South Africa’s history in such a simple way that I really enjoyed reading.

I understood what was being said without confusion. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has any interest in reading because it feels like a combination of genres. It is written almost like a fiction book but is a nonfiction autobiography.

Even if you don’t like realistic books, “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah teaches you things while entertaining you.

“Born a Crime” is an unforgettable book that teaches us so much about apartheid in South Africa while entertaining us at the same time.