Why the aspect of beauty is truly only skin deep

Nia Ellis, Opinions Writer

I won’t neglect that each and every one of us has individual insecurities that prohibit us from seeing the astonishing human being that lies just within our soul. 

We overthrow the amazing existence of one who deserves the world and more, by projecting our negativity solely based on how we often view ourselves on the outside.

A universal quote that has withstood through the entire world from  

being stated on tv shows, cereal boxes and most likely everyday commercials has been brought upon by a bewildering man named  “Sir Thomas Overbury” states in his poem (“ All the carnall beauty of my wife is but skin deep”). 

Which has now transformed into the message we hear today that reads 

“Beauty is only skin deep”.

Ultimately, through this, it is translating that although a person can be very much  beautiful from the outside, their character as well as their heart that remains inside is more meaningful and overwrites the outer lens of how one looks.

 While you without a doubt are such a pleasure to look at, as I’m sure we all are, your quality and soul can ponder over the outer existence.

Humans should be more willing to look past physique and focus on how someone behaves, interacts, along with their goals and ambitions..considering our physical attributes will progress and our

 once young faces will change one day.

Being a kind person to yourself alongside those around you gets you consequently far in life. 

Treating one with respect and ongoing compassion will therefore breed you with only the most positive and productive opportunities and experiences in the universe!

What makes a person beautiful to me is how they treat individuals, their posture in conjunction with their pose and how they contribute to our universe that we live in each day.

So much that I often ignore and don’t acknowledge anything else.. a soul speaks valleys. 

As I wrap up, I want to leave you with a retelling message by a lovely lady who goes by Nikki Rowe reads “ You are the energy you attract “. 

The keyword is specifically energy, the person you are today in addition to tomorrow 

is precisely the future energy you will attract later.

Be the person that is thus unquestionably themselves and love in this very moment,

that your soul has already wavelengths spoken for your appearance.